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Business Debt Collection Services

Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Debt RecoveryAguirre, Aikman + Brown (AAB), a Debt Collection Service understands that sometimes a business relationship must be maintained. They also understand that there are times when there is no easy way to conduct debt recovery from a debtor. Therefore, AAB can help you with a wide variety of tools and debt recovery collection methods tailored to each of their clients’ specific needs, doing as much-or as little-as you desire while pursuing your assets.

Additionally, they offer 24-hour/seven-day-a-week reporting with client web access through their website, so you remain abreast of the status of your assets at your convenience.

Aguirre, Aikman + Brown has the following capabilities when performing business debt recovery to receive your assets:

Field Investigators insure maximum motivation for debtors to resolve their overdue accounts. The initial asset and liability investigation normally reveals more helpful information for AAB’s clients than most other debt recovery services can provide during the full course of involvement. AAB functions as an extension-not duplication-of your in-house efforts, efficiently and affordably giving you the results you desire.

Asset and Liability Investigations accomplish two goals. First, they provide financial profiles on debtor companies (solvency), and second, they allow you to better determine the cost effectiveness of litigation prior to the initiation of a suit. By piercing the corporate (or private) veil of ownership, AAB’s debt collection services are able to assist in determining what assets may be attached after a legal judgment has been granted.

Aguirre, Aikman+ Brown may retain Legal Representation to help assure that your rights as a creditor are upheld. The attorneys will answer any questions regarding your legal alternatives, and, if you desire, pursue those alternatives on your behalf.

Aguirre, Aikman + Brown’s legal support team and clerical staff is capable in assisting you with filing under the Uniform Commercial Code. This will provide additional security for your credit sales and allow you to extend credit to customers who have been previously denied.

Although International Debt Recovery Solutions will never be as simple as domestic debt recovery solutions, the main concepts are the same. Aguirre, Aikman + Brown utilizes people native to where the debtor is located, applies pressure from nearby sources, and performs relentless follow up service.

AAB has the following capabilities when providing international debt recovery services: access 24/7 to 130 languages via interpreters, worldwide government directories, flexible hours for international debt recovery account management, the ability to register complaints with the US Embassy and report companies to the Commerce and Trade Division of the US Government, and a highly skilled network of international attorneys. Whether your debtors are across town or across the ocean, Aguirre, Aikman + Brown has the debt collection services to find your assets and return them to you

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